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Cinderella Cast Announced

  • By Mel Wolverson
  • June 1, 2023

Thank you to everyone who came out to audition!

Cinderella: Ella Folkerts

Fairy Godmother: ShaMarea Houston

Stepmother: Samantha Crites

Grace: Evelyn Ortman

Joy: Hannah Bagley

Christopher: Jacques de Plessis

Lionel: Alex Kirby

Queen Constantina: Jennifer Ortman

King Maximillan: Ian Linenfelser

Charles/Coachman: Isabel Adams

White Mice/Horses: Mattie Matteson, Malcolm Satterfield

Dove/Footman: Julia Phillips

Villagers, Merchants, Maidens, and Palace Guests: Amanda Furtick, Amanda Satterfield, Andea Yelton, Baker Thompson, Brittney Carpenter, Jamie Yelton, Jason Blanchard, Portia Blanchard, Sarah Roberts, Talia Hayes, Yasha Mikolajczak

Mouse Chorus: Aiden Blanchard, Allegra Amidei, Alyssa Blanchard, Brynlee Blanchard, Charlie Atkins, Charlotte Satterfield, Hazel Winterton, Imogen Hall, Kate Winterton, Nathan Pauls, Paige Winterton, Sophia Luos, Simon Atkins, Violet Bratten