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Twelfth Night Cast Announcement!

Hark! Let it be known that the following players will be featured in the Maplewood Barn Theatre’s production of William Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night”! Duke Orsino – Clifton Satterfield, Valentine – Erin Matteson,Curio – Molly Allen-Thomas,Viola/Cesario – Jerrica Leonard, Sebastian – Erik Moore, Sea Captain – Vivian Gould, Antonio – Nikohlas Gash, Feste – Lauren Peck, […]

  • meladmin
  • July 10, 2023

Cinderella Cast Announced

Thank you to everyone who came out to audition! Cinderella: Ella Folkerts Fairy Godmother: ShaMarea Houston Stepmother: Samantha Crites Grace: Evelyn Ortman Joy: Hannah Bagley Christopher: Jacques de Plessis Lionel: Alex Kirby Queen Constantina: Jennifer Ortman King Maximillan: Ian Linenfelser Charles/Coachman: Isabel Adams White Mice/Horses: Mattie Matteson, Malcolm Satterfield Dove/Footman: Julia Phillips Villagers, Merchants, Maidens, […]

  • Mel Wolverson
    Mel Wolverson
  • June 1, 2023

The Crucible Cast Announcement

Hear ye, hear ye! Be it known that these people be townsfolk of Salem, Massachusetts, for the Maplewood Barn production of “The Crucible.” (These folk be listed in order of appearance). Great thanks to all those who came to audition! Reverend Samuel Parris: Sean McCormack Betty Parris: Clara Dykhouse Tituba: Iyesatu Kamara-Bush Susanna Walcott: Kerynna […]

  • Mel Wolverson
    Mel Wolverson
  • April 16, 2023

Odd Couple Cast Announced

CAST & CREW OF “THE ODD COUPLE” Oscar – Terry SchoonoverFelix – Sean Dennehy (originally Mark Baumgartner) Cecily – Caitlin RosbachGwendolyn – Noel ElrodMurray – Tom ClappRoy – Jim MalineeSpeed – Dan HarrisonVinnie – Jason Delpire Director – Jim YeltonAssistant Director – Morgan Dennehy

  • Mel Wolverson
    Mel Wolverson
  • March 17, 2023

Hamlet Cast Announced

Hamlet: Erin Matteson Claudius/The Ghost: Dan Harrison Gertrude: Kirsten Bellman Polonius: Katie Hays Laertes: Dana Bocke Ophelia/Messenger: Trevi Wadlow Horatio: Sarah Jost Fortinbras/Rosencrantz: Elisa Bratten Guildenstern/2nd Grave Digger: Stephen Newby Player King/Priest/English Ambassador: Curt Wohleber Marcellus/Captain: Dalton Grafton Nardo/Player/Sailor: Anna Ralls Cisco/Player: Simon Atkins Reynaldo/Player/Osric: Ren Atkins Voltemand/1st Grave Digger/Player: Greg Barnes Cornelius/Player Queen/Gentle Woman: Molly Allen […]

  • Mel Wolverson
    Mel Wolverson
  • June 28, 2022

The Importance of Being Earnest Cast & Crew Announced

JackTerry Schoonover Gwendolen Noel Elrod Algy Matthew Posegate Cecily Caitlin Rosbach Lady BracknellAmy Drtina Miss PrismChristopher Gould Dr. ChasubleDavid McSpadden GravesMatt Diel Lane/MerrimanNik Gash Maid/Production Asst Sam Taylor Butler/Production Asst Hannah Snodderley AD Jerrica Leonard Stage Manager Parker Ross Asst SM & Props Matt Neff Costumes Sarah Lyon Producers Sean Dennehy, Melissa Old, and Mel […]

  • Mel Wolverson
    Mel Wolverson
  • May 21, 2022

She Kills Monsters Cast Announced

AgnesMegan LaManna ChuckAda Chapman TillyScarlett Henage MilesJames Wakefield Kaliope/KellyAlexis Viers Lilith/LillyKalea Zielinski Orcus/RonnieCasey Williams Vera/BeholderCelina Castleman Narrator/Farrah the FaerieCara Carter  Evil GabbiNatalie McNeeley  Evil TinaDale Brennan SteveTrevis Wadlow Wandering MonstersSarah Ehlmann, Kerynna Jarman, Fifer Matteson Thank you to everyone who tried out!

  • Mel Wolverson
    Mel Wolverson
  • April 14, 2022

Charlie Brown Cast Announced!

Charlie BrownIan Linenfelser Robert Klick (understudy) Linus Van PeltNikohlas Gash Lucy Van PeltDee Ashley Michele Snodderley (understudy) Sally BrownSabrina Salerno Morgan Dennehy (understudy) SchroederSean Dennehy Joel Radford (understudy) SnoopyNoel Elrod Samantha Taylor (understudy)  Thank you to everyone who tried out! This year we have tried to add understudies for as many roles as possible in […]

  • Mel Wolverson
    Mel Wolverson
  • March 25, 2022

Love’s Labour’s Lost 2020 Cast

We are proud to announce the 2020 cast of Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost. This year’s Shakespeare will be a little different due to Covid-19. We’ll be doing an active reading. Social distancing will still be a thing, but having an outdoor theatre means you can spread out safely and enjoy the show. Ferdinand (King of […]

  • Mel Wolverson
    Mel Wolverson
  • May 6, 2020