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The Crucible Cast Announcement

  • By Mel Wolverson
  • April 16, 2023

Hear ye, hear ye!

Be it known that these people be townsfolk of Salem, Massachusetts, for the Maplewood Barn production of “The Crucible.” (These folk be listed in order of appearance). Great thanks to all those who came to audition!

The Crucible quote

Reverend Samuel Parris: Sean McCormack

Betty Parris: Clara Dykhouse

Tituba: Iyesatu Kamara-Bush

Susanna Walcott: Kerynna Jarman

Abigail Williams: Natalie McNeeley

Ann Putnam/Martha Corey: Morgan Trousdale-Dennehy

Thomas Putnam: Matthew Posegate

Mercy Lewis: Ren Atkins

Mary Warren: Paige Howard

John Proctor: Jacques du Plessis

Rebecca Nurse: Kyrstin Keim

Giles Corey: Curt Wohleber

Reverend John Hale: Ryan Carter

Elizabeth Proctor: Julia Robinson Carney

Francis Nurse: Forrest Duncan

Ezekiel Cheever: Nikohlas Gash

John Willard: Dalton Grafton

Judge Hathorne: William Harrison

Deputy-Governor Danforth: Vivian Gould

Sarah Good: Ember Kirkham

Hopkins: Matt Diel

The Afflicted:

Kai-Mei Nolen (Susanna Walcott Understudy)

Scarlett Henage

Fifer Matteson

Keaton Wise

Sophia Luos